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Mealtimes at Tinywoods are a sociable event where children are encouraged to speak and engage with one another, including staff members, who will regularly join in to enhance conversations. Good manners and self-help skills are promoted for all age groups. Children will eat in small groups, with fresh water and milk provided for morning and afternoon snacks.  

Fresh, healthy food is provided daily courtesy of the chef at Lightwoods Primary Academy. We ensure that there is fresh fruit and vegetables on offer each day, with children encouraged to eat meals when offered. Deserts are also provided after lunch and will generally be low sugar options.

We cater for all food requirements, whether these are dietary, for religious purposes or the parent’s/carer’s wishes. However, we do not provide Halal meat, so children who require this will be offered a vegetarian option.

Parents are offered a choice of a hot school meal daily, (at a small additional fee of £2 per day) or to provide a healthy packed lunch for their child. For safety reasons, we highlight that we are not to have nuts/ nut products in packed lunches.

Sample Menus


SnacksOranges and KiwiButtered ToastCucumber and Breadsticks Croissants Bananas and Pear

Beef Cottage Pie

Mixed Vegetable Cottage Pie

Roast Lamb

Quorn Fillet Roast

Chicken Korma 

Chickpea and Vegetable Balti

Vegetable and Butternut Squash Lasagne

Breaded Fish Fingers

Parsley Sauce 

Quorn Sausages 

VegetablesBroccoli and Peas

Baby Roast Potatoes 

Carrots and French Beans

Pilau Rice

Mini Naans

Tossed Mixed Salad 

Garlic Bread Slices

Peas and Carrots 

Mash Potato 

DessertsFromage Frais yoghurt Fruit Salad Banana and Custard 

Tinned Peaches (in juice) 

Pouring Cream 

Trio of Melon Salad
Afternoon SnackToasted Teacake

Pitta Bread 

Coriander Hummus

Soft Cheese 

Cream Crackers

Malt Loaf

Sliced Cheese 

Ham/Cheese Sandwiches 


SnacksCroissants Plums and Blackberries Buttered Toast Apples and Pears Breadsticks, Cucumbers and Bananas 

Chicken and Vegetable Hotpot 

Vegetable Hotpot 

Lamb Stew 

Butternut Squash 

Cod and Spinach Pie 

Cheese, spinach and potato bake

Jacket Potatoes 

Baked Beans 

Grated cheese

Honey Glazed Herb Sausages 

Quorn Sausages 

Onion Gravy 


Mixed Vegetables 

New Potatoes 

Roasted Vegetables 

Croquette Potatoes 

Green Peas and Carrots 

Jacket Potatoes 

Baked Beans 

Grated cheese

Fresh Potato Wedges 

Green Beans

DessertsApple and Sultana Sponge with Custard Mixed Berries Honeydew and Watermelon SaladFromage Frais Yoghurts 

Tinned Pears (in juice)

Pouring Cream

Afternoon SnackTuna/Cheese Sandwiches 

Soft Cheese 

Cream Crackers 

Toasted Crumpets Buttered Fruit LoafToasted and Buttered Teacakes