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Ladybirds Room

We have a large, spacious room which caters for up to thirty two children age up to 5 years. All resources are child friendly and low level, allowing children to play and explore freely at their own pace. All staff based in this room have undertaken training to ensure they understand your child’s differing needs and accordingly adapt the environment to suit them as necessary. 

Our experienced staff take care of their key groups while supporting and working closely with parents/carers to always ensure a high level of care for children, as we understand the concerns parents/carers may have when leaving them in childcare as they return to work.  

With numerous designated areas around the room, babies and toddlers have access to a range of equipment and resources aimed to enhance their development: 


  • Our ‘Cosy Corner’ provides a quiet space where children can relax, filled with soft furnishings and toys.    
  • Our ‘Book Corner’ has a variety of books and puppets, which children can enjoy and share with their friends. 
  • The ‘Dressing Up’ space allows children to develop self-help skills and act out various roles within their play, with a selection of outfits available to help them develop an understanding of the world and language skills.  
  • In our ‘Art Area’, children can access a range of art and craft resources, encouraging mark making and messy play.  
  • Our ‘Sand/Water’ allows children to develop a range of skills including physical skills, imagination and simple mathematics. 
  • The ‘Maths Area’ allows children to explore numbers, shapes and measures with a range of resources to explore.
  • Our ‘Small World Area’ is where children will have block play with enhancements including animals, mini beasts, people and natural resources such as shells and pinecones to enhance imagination and language skills.
  • The ‘Role Play-Home Corner’ allows children to explore with real life resources. 

We also have nappy changing facilities, with each child having their own labelled shelf. Parents/carers must provide their child with nappies and nappy cream, which can be stored in bulk either in the room or in your child’s bag. Care routines will be followed by key workers, considering children’s individual needs. Eczema cream can be applied by nursery staff if required. Where a parent/carer wishes, staff can begin toilet training in this room, which will also be done to suit the child’s pace.